Yes, we have full hands.

Dear Boys,

Sometimes I wonder if it drives you as crazy as it drives me. You know what I’m talking about. Those moments when the five of us are out grocery shopping and do all we can to hang on to that last straw of sanity and make it out the door before one of you has a complete meltdown– and just then a stranger so innocently approaches to let us know that we have our hands full (because we were obviously oblivious to it, right?). In that moment, most of you are in stranger-shock and turn into quiet, happy boys which leads said stranger to comment on how well-behaved you are. And you are, really. It just doesn’t usually feel like it at that moment because of the chaos surrounding errands.

Do you ever get tired of hearing, “All boys?” “Are you going to try for a girl?” As if you weren’t treasure enough for me.

Let me just get one thing straight. The four of you boys are far more precious to me than any girl could be. I love you like crazy. And no, I don’t need a girl to complete our family. You four and your daddy fill my heart. And when people stop to remind us that we have a “big” family, though initially annoyed (more often than I ought to be), it is a reminder of how blessed we are. My hands ARE full. But my heart is just overflowing.

Just know that I will take the full hands, the tiring errands, the hard days, and the boy noises, energy, and competition if it means I get to live my life with you in it. I love being your mama. I love that each one of you is a part of our family. I love each one of you like crazy.



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