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Happy Christmas!

Dear Boys,

Ever since you asked what “Merry” meant and I told you it was another word for “Happy”, you’ve been wishing people a “Happy Christmas!” It makes me smile every time šŸ™‚

It’s not the Christmas we would have wished for, but it’s the Christmas God has perfectly handed to us and so we praise Him. Still without a home of our own, we put up our pre-lit, fake, 3 foot tree, smothered it with candy canes, and continue to count down to Christmas Day. There is Christmas spirit in our single bedroom and we are thankful for it!

Watching you boys experience Christmas makes me feel like a littleĀ girl again. I get crazy joy over watching you get excited about gifts or special traditions or treats.

This year gifts will be slimmer than most, but I pray that the few you open will be important to you. Drew, we are giving you your first book to help you walk through a book of the Bible. I am so excited for you to have this resource so you can learn how to study His Word on your own!

Gabe, you will be receiving a book that is going to show you what it really means to grow up to be brave and strong and true.Ā His Mighty Warrior is fiction, but I pray that you see the truth in it and desire to be a Mighty Warrior yourself.

Wes and Noah, your gifts may not be quite so meaningful but they will be things that will help you grow. Games and books that help spark your skills and imagination.

I’m just so glad to spend these special seasons with you. And I am not naive to the fact that I completely block out how the hard comes up and hooks arms with the special moments. It’s well nigh impossible for us to have an easy go of anything when there are six of us. Seeing lights is a chore, buying gifts for one another turns into a selfish endeavor, making cookies turns into a whine session when I won’t let you eat more cookie dough than you are cutting out. But in spite of ourselves, I still love this season and I still wouldn’t want to ever spend it with anyone but you. And I have faith that as the years go on, and you guys mature and grow, these hard things will fade away and new hard things will enter the season with us– time restrictions especially. So just let me enjoy these days when we are on top of one another in a single bedroom. I’ll enjoy having 8 extra hands helping make treats, and 4 extra mouths gobbling them up. I’ll enjoy the moments that are even crowded with sin because it means that you and your daddy and I are together. I’ll enjoy the noise more than the quiet. Because I know there will come a day when it’s too quiet. I know it will. And I just want to enjoy today without wishing it away.

Happy Christmas, boys. I just love you so much.