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Dear Boys,

It was a. heavy. day.

This morning I pulled you aside and spoke a harsh reality. For the first time ever, you learned that babies are being killed right here in Nashville. I explained as simply and truthfully as I could. There was not detail– just a big picture of an evil plot.

On our way out the door when Daddy asked you why this is wrong, you answered, “Because God made those babies.” Yes.

As we loaded into the van, I heard, “We must stop this.” Exactly.

And today we did a small thing that we pray has a large impact. We drove into the heart of Nashville and marched and stood and prayed with hundreds of other Image Bearers. We stood for Life. I am so thankful you were there and were a part of it.

I’m thankful mostly that you are here.

There are so many women who will walk alone because they chose wrongly for their sweet babies. They won’t hold their little one’s hands, won’t have hilarious conversations, won’t feel precious arms wrap around their neck after a hard day. So many women will try to imagine for the rest of their lives what their child would look like and be.

I’m thankful to look at my Drew and see a crazy reflection of my younger self.

I’m thankful to look at my Gabe and see the red-headed, tenderhearted boy whose stolen my heart.

I’m thankful to look at my Wes and see the sweetest face on one of the funnest, most mama-lovin’ boys I know.

And I’m thankful to look at my Noah and see a little boy who is growing and learning and developing his own personality more everyday.

Your lives are important. All lives are important. Each person that God has created, He has created in His own image. So let’s not stop at marching for the unborn babies. Let’s treat all lives with love, kindness, and respect. Let’s treat each other with love, kindness, and respect. Because that is how Christ has been toward us.

Love God well enough that you are willing to step out in love for others. Today you did, but that’s because you followed us. I pray that as you grow, you will know Him better and, therefore, love others better. Especially those with no voice. Keep standing– even no one else will.

I’m trusting that God will enable my boys to turn into His valiant warriors.

I love you guys like crazy,