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Starting Again. . . A New Year

Dear Boys,

I sat at a friend’s table last time December turned into January. The new year crawled in with all the discouragement and uncertainty that the old year had dragged along. Homeless. Jobless. Completely incapable of making any decisions while we waited for Him to tell us what He’d already decided.

Clinging to His sovereignty.

He did tell us. February moved us into our own home as we prepared to enter a new ministry. . . again. Beginnings and ends are so hard. Six of us starting over again.

Trusting His faithfulness.

March was a balm. Such loving kindness was showered on us. And what I dreaded about this new beginning, never came to pass. Our new family welcomed us in the warmest way.

Resting in His mercy.

Sweet routine swept us through months 4-6. Settling into our new normal. Getting to know new friends. Walking hard roads with old friends.

Reveling in His grace.

July brought the biggest surprise of the year. On our 10th anniversary, I told your daddy that the 7th Blondo was on the way.

Rejoicing in His kindness.

I spent August and September with a bucket attached to me, but dreaming of how this baby would be loved so well. I listened to excited brothers pick out names and plan for this baby.

Enjoying His gifts.

October. . . a sweet doctor in a cold room tried so hard to find that heartbeat. The screen refused to acknowledge life. I met death. Everything broke. For the rest of my life, I know that someone is missing. The sadness is deep.

Clinging to Truth.

Every moment for the rest of the year I grieve. But I also sing and laugh and dance with you boys. Because there was a Baby who became a Man who is our Savior. And I trust Him to take all these broken days and make them right.

Trusting His presence and His promises.

2016- He gave us so much. He took so much. But no matter what, always know that He is good.

Love you all like crazy,