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Hey Guys,

I think we have all become a little weary in this waiting. The past six months have found us waiting for so many answers. Waiting on a job. Waiting on a church. Waiting for a home. Waiting for each of these things so we can finally stop waiting on all of these things.

Today finds us 14 days into the waiting process again. We are waiting to hear about a house. Not just any house. We are waiting on the house that ALL of you (including daddy and I) felt at home in as soon as we walked into it. You haven’t felt at home since we sold our house almost 2 years ago.

So this is big.

I drove by the house this morning with two of you, and we were pleased to see that the For Rent sign was removed and that no one else had yet moved in. We are trusting the Lord to give us that house.

But while we wait for a house, you have a schoolmate who is waiting on a bone marrow transplant for her mom. And suddenly the Lord turns our attention again to the brevity of this life and makes us think about the Big Picture.

No one is really waiting on anything except for Him. We are waiting on the Lord to change our circumstances when He sees fit. We are waiting on Him to give us a space where we can better serve one another and those in our community. We are waiting on Him to heal this JECA mom.

So when we aren’t getting what we want when we want it, let’s help one another to remember that because He is sovereign and because He is trustworthy, we are waiting on Him alone. He will move and give and take away in His time.

And if we don’t yet have what it is we are desiring, it’s simply because He has not given it to us yet. And we can be content knowing that He is our good Father. No good thing will He withhold from them who walk uprightly.

Wait on the Lord. And be content in the wait.

I’m crazy about you little loves,